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Emera Design is a young Italian company dedicated to creating unique and exciting design lamps. Our headquarters are located in Bergamo, in the heart of Lombardy, where the passion for beauty and creativity has always been fundamental values. Our goal is to illuminate environments with lamps that are not only functional objects, but true works of art that inspire emotions and create suggestive atmospheres.

Our philosophy is based on the fusion of technology and style, to create design lamps that are both innovative and high quality. Each Emera Design creation is the result of teamwork between creative designers, selected suppliers and reliable partners, who guarantee professionalism and attention to detail.

The passion for beauty is what guides us in every phase of the creation of our design lamps. Every detail is carefully crafted, from the shapes to the lighting, from the finishes to the choice of materials.

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Chapeau Tavolo Emera Design

Made in Italy is another of our fundamental values, expressed in the choice of materials and in the artisanal care of our design lamps. We are proud to offer high-quality products, made with passion and dedication, representing the best of Italian design.

The light of our design lamps is capable of creating unique and suggestive emotions. We believe that beauty is a universal value, capable of uniting people and creating unforgettable experiences. Come discover our collection and let yourself be conquered by the uniqueness of our lamps.

Our designers

Passionate about emotions and creativity, they are constantly looking for new ideas to create unique and innovative lamps, working with high quality and Made in Italy materials. Each lamp is designed to give character and personality to the environment in which it is used and it is the passion of our designers that transforms our work into a true art, where beauty and functionality come together to generate unique and surprising creations.

Diego Sferrazza Designer Emera Design

Diego Sferrazza

Milanese designer born in Sassari in 1976. Graduated in Art History from the State University of Milan. Exhibited at important events such as the Salone Satellite and the Light and Building. Consultant for lighting and exhibition design at institutions such as the Palazzo Reale and the Venice Biennale. Designed for furniture and lighting companies, including Luceplan and Haribo.

Dodo Arslan Designer Emera Design

Dodo Arslan

Dodo Arslan is a famous Italian designer with over 20 years of experience in designing furniture, lighting, and industrial products for various important brands. He has received numerous awards such as the Design Plus, Good Design Award, and KIDA Grand Prize for his work with companies such as Deutsche Post, Hewlett Packard, and Samsung. Arslan has also held courses, workshops, and conferences.

Stefano Grassi Designer Emera Design

Stefano Grassi

Stefano Grassi is a designer and architect who comes from a family of leather craftsmen with a long history in leather and design. He collaborates with various companies in the world of furniture and has designed products for the office, home, and community. His rigorous and technical approach translates into contemporary and elegant designs with particular attention to detail.

  • Kyta

    290,00 475,00  IVA inclusa Select options

    With Kyta I wanted to create an object with pure and essential shapes, which recalled an architecture with its solids and voids, with light and shadow. Diego Sferrazza

  • Luce³

    1.500,00  IVA inclusa Select options

    Inside Luce³, light unites with space in a single, indivisible thing... stopping time, to create an Instant Classic with an absolutely essential, iconic shape. Dodo Arslan

  • Chapeau

    230,00 295,00  IVA inclusa Select options

    A light enclosed in a leather casing that seems to ask to come out to express its full potential, to surprise and excite.

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